MONA occupies a unique position in the world of Nepali art representing (showcasing) traditional and contemporary works. Ancient or traditional Nepali art is a reflection of the countries culture and its soul.

Artist of the Month

Samundra Man Singh Shrestha

Born in 1980, Shrestha is a trained Paubha artist. He started his journey into the world of art at the tender age of 14.  Shrestha’s work skillfully combines his inspiration and mastery of the traditional Newar style of painting with conceptual contemporaneity—with binaries and juxtaposition of past and present, modern and traditional, and the aesthetic with pure conception. His innovative works push the boundaries of the sacred and secular, by challenging the very categories of contemporary and traditional art. His art works are deeply rooted in the sacred knowledge of iconography of deities, He has received significant national and international awards, and his work is in major collection of India, UK, US, Europe, and East Asia.

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