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Museum of Nepali Art · Khadga Yogini

M Code: 298PA2020
Gouache on Canvas
36 x 29 cm

About the Art

Khadgayogini has many names such as “Pham-thing Yogini”, “Uddhapada Yogini” or “Nil Tara.” Her feet are firmly planted to the ground while the other is raised straight into the sky. Her left arm holds a kapala (skull-cup) to her mouth and a khatwanga (long studded cup). Stepping on her veta (assistant), she is depicted in the backdrop of Pharping. It is believed Oddiyanacharya (previous name for Padmasambhav) meditated in the caves of Pharping sitting on an elephant skin. He gained Ashta Mahasiddhi, (eight supreme spiritual liberations) with the blessings of Khadgayogini.

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