Padmapani Lokesvara (Rato Matsyendranath)

MoNA Collection

Medium & Material: Mineral Color on cotton canvas

Dimensions: 98 X 65 cm

About the Art

The Padmapani Lokesvara is depicted red and also called “Rato Matsyendranath” by Hindus. Padmapani is one of the forms of Avalokitesvara. He holds a lotus flower in his left hand and shows Varadamudra (blessing giving posture) with his right hand. In this painting, the Padmapani Lokesvara is standing in the middle surrounded by Pancha Buddhas. At the bottom, there are two deities Vajrapani and Khadgapani with Arya Tara (Green Tara) at the back.

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