MoNA Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 56 x 76 cm

Year: 2020

About the Art

I conceived my second child last October and have been struggling to protect myself and a new life from the destructive COVID-19 pandemic. The deadly pandemic has waged a ‘World War’ against the human race on Earth. On the other hand, millions of doctors, nurses and midwives, mostly mothers, are on the battlefield to save humanity. Similarly, millions of pregnant women, including me, have been in a close fight with the Corona Virus by shielding and taking care of our babies. As a pregnant artist, I depict the above-mentioned idea in my Mithila artwork. The pregnant woman in the artwork is protecting her unborn baby by covering the womb with her hands. She dares not to wear mask because she has to take double breathe for herself and her baby. The rectangular border divides the painting into the human world and nature distinctly. The nature outside the border is safe and flourishing unabated with trees, leaves, flowers and birds. Quite contrarily, the human world inside the border has been badly affected by crippling lives, untimely deaths and devastations. However, millions of mothers of unborn babies are optimistically caring and nurturing their wombs to continue the cycle of the human world.

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