Yagambara Gyanadakini (Mhepi)

MoNA Collection

MCode: 186PA2019
Medium: Mix Media (pencil, poster color, and gold) on cotton canvas
Size: 38 x 27 cm
Year: 2020-2021


About the Art

Yogambara is one of the most popular Yidam deities of Nepalese Buddhists. He sits on Ardhaparyanka mudra (posture) on the moon, with double louts placed on a lion. The deity is blue and has three faces. The principal face is blue, the right is white and the left is red. He has six arms and carries a vajra and bell with the two main arms. He embraces his consort, Pragya Gyanadakini who is also blue and is called Mhepi Aijma.

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