MoNA Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 97 x 97 cm

Year: 2020

About the Art

‘Nature – Destroyed!’ ‘Natural resources – Exhausted!’ ‘Environment – Exploited!’ … Effects of the 21st century development. First world or third world …Nuclear-powered or hydro-powered … the virus knows no borders. The present pandemic has emerged and is reminding us of the importance and power of nature. The painting depicts “THE GAME”, my game of life & death. A game where I protect myself from the virus to stay alive. Staying inside my home & taking care of my personal hygiene keeps me alive, but if I become complacent and ignorant, then the virus attacks and I eventually lose. Life is a game, and in order to keep on playing we must comply with the rules and understand our boundaries. “The Game” will benefit everyone as long as we play fair – be fair to wildlife, be fair to the environment, be fair to the earth, and we will all come out WINNERS.

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