Society of Art Patrons

Society of Art Patrons (SAP) is a community of like-minded people working towards supporting, educating, preserving and promoting the Nepali Art and Artists  

The Society believes in supporting the Nepali art eco-system locally and globally. This, we believe, will create a long-term sustainable environment for the artists and patrons on all levels 

Society of Art Patrons (SAP)


  • To champion the creation and appreciation of art as an integral part of life. 
  • Simultaneously taking along our art, culture and heritage which defines us as an individual, a community and as a nation 
  • Advice - provide expertise - Consultation - grow and develop  


  • To introduce Nepali artists and art to every corner of the nation, and the world.  
  • To support geniuses and prodigies from every root of society. 
  • To cultivate diverse and distinctive works that inspire people, connect communities and position Nepal globally as “HOME OF THE ARTS” 


PASSION: We dare to dream and aspire to create positive changes in society, through art. 

COMMITMENT: We believe in what we do to preserve our culture, heritage and its dependence on the artists.  

BELIEF: We have faith in Nepali art and our role as patrons in the continuation of its legacy.  

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