Amoghapasa Lokesvara

KAB 2024

Medium: Mineral Pigment on Cotton Canvas
Dimensions: 44 x 48 cm
Year: 2021

About the Art

Rabi Shrestha directly focuses on spirituality in his artwork through the depiction of Amoghapasa Lokesvara. He uses the traditional Newari style, rooted in spirituality and symbolism, to explore the essence of Buddhist and Hindu traditions. His work emphasizes timeless spiritual themes, infused with dedication and soul.

Amoghapasa Lokesvara is an intricate painting featuring five Buddhas, divine figures, and a central Asta Bhuja pose. It features a symmetrical arrangement, a priest, and celestial elements, with a color palette reminiscent of traditional styles, and features a king and a Bajracharya priest.

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