MoNA Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 91 x 122 cm

Year: 2020

About the Art

As Andrew Mwangasa says: ‘Birth is an Opportunity, Life is a Blessing and Death is a Celebration.’ COVID-19 has caused numerous deaths but death is the ultimate truth for all living beings. We are guests on this beautiful world, and when the time comes we leave it to our descendants, as we received it from our predecessors. This artwork is based on isometric and paradoxical themes, expressing perspective and transformation. The curved pathways refer to various turning points in one’s life, full of memories (defined by flowers) and accompanied by paths of twists and turns. The various colors of the flowers refer to the differing emotions and memories experienced during one’s lifetime. According to the artist, plants are the greatest work of art created by nature. Plants can withstand any extremities and still find ways to live, proving nature above all. “May Their Souls Rest in Peace” - Koshal Hamal.

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