Asta Matrika

On Exhibition

Medium: Graphite on paper 
Size: 1.5 x 1.5 m
Year: 2021
Mcode:  327PA2021

About the Art

The Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by the eight Shakti Pitha or shrines of the mother goddesses known as the Asta Matrika or Ajima. Matrikas serve as divinities demarcating the boundaries between order and chaos, internal and external realms, seen and unseen forces. The Matrikas are aspects of the Great Goddess in her full power and work together in a collective form. The goddesses are Mahalakshmi, Chamunda, Indrayani, Barahi, Vaisnavi, Kaumari, Maheshwori, and Bramhayani. 

This particular piece of art is conceptual work that portrays the Asta Matriaka torana, the arched gateways of the individual temple struts of each of the eight-goddess combined into one.

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