Chwaskamuni (Palden Lhamo)

MoNA Collection

Medium & Material: Poster Color
Dimensions: 105 x 79 cm

About the Art

Chwaskamuni is also known as Palden Lhamo in the Tibetan and Newar community worship the deity as Chwasa Ajima. She is one of the three Dharmapala in Gelug School, alongside Mahakala and Yamantaka. Palden Lhamo has one face and two arms. On the inner level of symbolism, she holds in her mouth the demon of mental afflictions. She bites down on this demon with her sharp fangs of mindfulness, cir­cumspection, heedfulness, and diligence. Her red hair rising upward represents the blazing fire of perfect wisdom (jnana) that incinerates all worldly conceptions (vikalpa), which are the underlying causes of all misery. She wears the five-skull crown showing that she has extinguished the five poisons (greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and jealousy). The third eye of wis­dom is wide open in the middle of her forehead

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