I am where home is

Loaned Artwork

Mix Media on Canvas


Currently on display at Mezze by Roadhouse, Durbarmarg

About the Art

This picture shows the beauty, aesthetics, and zeal of every individual. The symmetric figure is surrounded by a pigeon, temple roof, flower, and Nepali jewelry. 

I've defined myself as a pigeon who finds serenity near the temple's gods and goddesses. I believe we find a purpose and direction in life by doing things that provide mind and heart peace. As an artist, it's hard to capture emotions on canvas. In this artwork, pigeons are fed and housed in Nepalese temples. They're local and fly around. Painting brings me calm and happiness. Art and culture shape my views and feelings. The gold jewelry figure in the painting symbolizes my artistic charm. 

This piece also features a blossom with a corn seed on the ovary. My creations satisfy my emotions in an inexplicable way. It's crucial to realize that "home is an emotion that gives life to consumerism."

Priced at : Nrs. 70,000

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