Krishna Manjushree

KAB 2024

Medium: Poster Color on Canvas
Dimensions: 19 x 22 in
Year: 2023

About the Art

Black Manjushree is a form of Manjushree, a wrathful healing deity, used to heal mental and physical suffering. It helps counteract virulent diseases, malevolent forces, and environmental disharmony. This practice helps individuals deal with negative emotions and mental suffering caused by sickness or problems. It also helps purify astrological mistakes, such as marriage or cremation ceremonies, and stops energy flowing into the wrong path. By reciting Black Manjushree mantras, individuals protect themselves from inauspicious and malevolent astrological elements, black magic, and interferences from spirits like nagas. It also stops superstitious projections and stops malefic beings and ghosts from hindering spiritual practice and success.

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