Maha Mantranusarini

MoNA Collection

Medium & Material    : Mix Media (pencil, poster color, and gold) on cotton canvas

Dimensions                 : 29.5 x 21 cm

About the Art

The body of Maha Mantranusarini is blue back with one three face and twelve arms. This goddess is worshipped to cure diseases. In Buddhism, she is the female emanation of Akshobhya. She is one of the five protector goddesses (Pancha Raksha).

The primary face of the Goddess is blue, the right is white and the left is red. She sits in the Vajraparyanka attitude. With one set of hands, she displays dharma chakra mudra, with another pair she exhibits samadhi mudra (meditative position). In her remaining hands, she holds a vajra, arrows, and shows varada (blessing), and Abhaya mudra (protective gesture). In her remaining hands, she holds a noose, jar marked with lotus, viswa vajra, and a bow.

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