Melody of Nature

KAB 2024

Medium: Natural and acrylic colours on art paper 
Dimensions: 22 x 30 IN
Year: 2023

About the Art

The artist created the Mithila artwork 'Melody of Nature' to express joy and happiness. The artwork aims to display the natural world's beauty and alleviate human suffering. It also serves as an appeal to preserve Mother Nature, as without it, our existence cannot be saved. The artwork aims to provide aesthetic pleasure and evoke a sense of solace and ecstasy in viewers.

She creates Mithila artworks addressing social issues, women's struggles, human love, and nature's ties. This artwork, inspired by her childhood in a natural village, focuses on the sublime nature. Mithila artists use common motifs like trees, flowers, birds, and animals, symbolizing life, prosperity, romantic love, beauty, and ecstasy. She created this artwork to convey abstract meanings to society.

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