MoNA Collection

Medium: Mineral Pigment on Cotton Canvas 
Size: 40 x 40 inch
Year: 2021

About the Art

Pancha Raksha

The Pancha Raksha, or 'Five Protectors,' is a term in the Mahayana-Vajrayana tradition that refers to both sacred scriptures and a group of deities known as the "five protectress goddesses." These deities, each with distinct functions, are revered for their ability to promote worldly well-being, protect against natural disasters, cure snakebites, alleviate fear, and ward off pestilence and epidemics. The five Pancha Raksha goddesses are Maha Pratisara, Maha Sahasrapramardini, Mahamayuri, Sitavati, and Mantramanudharani. These deities are often depicted with multiple heads and arms, and their worship is particularly popular in Nepal, although their influence can be found throughout the Himalayan region, Central Asia, as well as in China, Korea, and Japan. Devotees turn to these protectors for blessings and assistance in navigating life's challenges and preserving their well-being.The Five Pancha Raksha:

- Maha Pratisara

- Maha Sahasrapramardini

- Mahamayuri

- Sitavati

- Mantramanudharani

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