The Legend of Kathmandu Valley: Surata Vajra 

KAB 2024

Medium: Semi-Mineral color with gold
Dimensions: 40 x 22 in
Year: 2023

About the Art

Surata Bajra, a Buddhist priest, visited Lhasa in Tibet and poured out his cup during a tea session with a prominent lama. He explained that by emptying the cup, he was symbolically extinguishing a fire in his Nepalese residence. The lama remained silent, but later sent a messenger to Nepal to confirm the incident. The messenger returned to Lhasa, confirming that Surata Bajra’s house had experienced a fire, but timely rain prevented significant damage. The lama found it challenging to believe, and his jealousy towards the Nepalese priest’s knowledge and power further fueled his skepticism. 

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