Twelve Armed Ganesha and Manifestation

MoNA Collection

Medium & Material: Poster Color and Gold on Canvas

Dimensions: 96 X 70 cm

About the Art

The white Ganesh is exemplified in his twelve-armed forms in this painting. This form of Ganesh is very popular among Newar Buddhists. The Tibetan Sa-skya-pa tradition recognizes the twelve-armed Ganesh as one of the Dharmapala (protectors of dharma).

The deity’s primary arm holds a vajra and a skull cup. The other hands hold pestle, shield, khatwanga (long studded club), banner, skull, cup, ceremonial staff, bow, arrow, goad, sword, a dagger with peacock feather hilt, and ax. He is positioned on top of a lotus throne along with two brown mice on either side. At the bottom of the painting lies the Goddess of Abundance, Vasudhara.

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