Vajradhara with consort

MoNA Collection

Medium & Material: Acrylic on cotton Canvas

Dimensions                 : 51.5 X 44.5 cm

About the Art

This painting depicts blue Vajradhara, the 'Holder of the Vajra', in union with his white consort, Vajrayogini. Vajradhara's deep blue color represents his unchangeable and space-like nature as the pure expression of the dharmakaya. He sits with his legs loosely crossed in lotus-posture upon the patterned golden disc or seed-head of a multicolored lotus that arises from a lake. With his right arm crossed over his left arm, he embraces his consort while holding a golden vajra in his right hand and an upturned bell in his left hand. Vajrayogini, his white consort, sits with her legs wrapped around Vajradhara's waist. With her raised arms she embraces Vajradhara's neck as she holds aloft a skull-cup full of blood in her left hand.

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