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M Code:08ST2020
Black Stone
Size: 7.5 x 18 cm

About the Art

The sculpture represents a three-sided peg, stake, or dagger known as Kīla or Phurba. The Vajrakilaya is used to cure the sentient beings. Often used in the Newari culture by the Bajracharya priest and greatly worshiped and used in the Buddhism of Tibet as well. The lower portion of the Vajrakilaya signifies Upaya Kaushal or “Skillful Means” and the upper portion epitomizes “Wisdom”. The three-pronged blade symbolizes the intensity of three root poisons of ignorance, greed, and hostility. Its blazing triangular form and Vajra’s nature is the realization of nothingness as the wrath of a Vajra, which burns and severs hatred.

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