MoNA Collection

Medium: Acrylic on Canva

Size: 61 x 91 cm

Year: 2020

About the Art

The fear of virus infection and the uncertainty of the future looms over everybody; royal or common; rich or poor; young or old, nobody is spared. Is the situation getting better or worse? The fact is we won’t know as of now or in the near future, but there is HOPE. These hopes are seen in white gowns, in those who put their lives before the infected ones. How can we even define this kind of bravery? This painting is a portrayal of a real-life female doctor who shouldered the responsibility of saving lives. A mother of a 6-month-old child finds a reason to leave the safety of her house and her love for her newborn, to save someone else. What do we call this kind of selflessness? This is one of many encouraging stories of front-liners. The artist dedicates this painting to all the fearless health workers who risk their life for someone else’s

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