Rajan Sangachhe


Rajan is from the old city of Bhaktapur and the family house is not more than a 10-minute walk from the famous Peacock Window, surrounded by amazing temples and traditional houses. His grandfather was a topi hat maker, a tradition that some members of his family still follow, and his father runs a teashop. Rajan is the solitary artist in the family.

Born in 1987, Rajan was always interested in drawing and art as a boy, but he studied Architecture and Engineering in Thapathali after school. During his job as an architect, he decided to study at the Lalitkala Fine Arts College in his free time, so it was a busy period and a challenge to allocate his time to both disciplines. For ten years he worked in architecture as a draftsman, but the general methodical nature of the work and lack of opportunity to use his imagination did not inspire him.

Fortunately, after those long years, his true passion eventually shone through, and he took a great leap into the unknown to become a professional artist. He has a talent for the abstract and some of his paintings reflect his intriguing style. Many images are soft and almost misty, giving a sense of mystery when combined with figurative images. He gains much satisfaction from this “playing with color”. For a few paintings, he has used a sponge to wash in the background before giving the image its outlines in chalk. The central character of the painting is then added in more detail over the base, thus giving these pieces of art a very distinctive edge and an unusual style. The piece called Bodhisattva was initially begun during the 2021 Artfest at MoNA.

Rajan does some work on commission, and he has also done some work on portraits, but thus far his passion is with the above style. Check out his work at MoNA and you will see how this method has given his art a very unique, personal style.



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