MoNA Collection

Mcode: 99PA2019
Medium & Material : Ink and Gold
Dimensions : 43 X 35 cm

About the Art

A well-celebrated and worshipped God of the Nepalese people both in Buddhism and in Hinduism. The communities of Nepal portray Bhimsena as the God of Commerce, Industrial Goods, and Good Fortune. In the Kathmandu Valley, Newar Community also celebrates Bhimsen Jatra every year. In Hinduism as well, there is devotion to God Bhimsena as the deity that has immense strength from Bhima, one of the afore-mentioned Pandava princes.


尼泊尔人在佛教和印度教中广受赞誉和崇拜的神。尼泊尔人把Bhimasena描绘成商业、工业品和好运之神。. 在加德满都谷地,尼瓦尔社族每年也庆祝Bhimsen节。在印度教,也有


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